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How To Remove The Sonic Activation Module Annoying Massage

We received this email from one of our reader:

After installing the Sonos multi-system software on my computer (Dell) comes at the start of the computer the following error message when windows installer “Sonic Activate Module” Activate / MSI.

sonic activation module

I have asked from Sonos if they could help me. The answer was that it is a fault which only comes on Dell computers by installing their software.

Please Note

I’ve tried various options online but not been corrected the error. can help me.

My computer is a Dell Dimension 9150 with Windows XP


This was the reply from sonos:

Dear John,

Thank you for contact our technical support.

I believe this problem is a common issue only for the customer using Dell Computers.

I spent many hours on your problem just to make sure it was not a problem with Sonos Application / Devices.

When Sonic products (MyDVD, Roxio Creator, Sonic RecordNow!)  Are uninstalled, the Windows Uninstall application does not completely uninstall all Sonic components.

Therefore, even though the Sonic program is uninstalled, you are still Prompted at startup to install the Sonic Activation Module.

But the problem you have is not a problem with Sonos Devices / Application.

Please check the following link to solve your problem: (Dell)

Or you-can contact the Dell Technical Support:

So now let us fix it for you guys the easy way:

first we will understand what is it exactly.

Sonic is a computer software company that produces a long line of products. These products are generally products that allow you to create your own music, record audio, burn DVDs and perform a variety of other tasks. When you install the software, you use something known as a Sonic Activation Module. this software is used to install the software and register it with Sonic. So, when you attempt to install the software and the pop-up window for the module loads onto the screen, don’t exit out of it, otherwise you are not able to install the programming onto the computer.

To activate the module, you first need to insert the installation CVD that came with the program into the disc drive of your computer. When you buy the Sonic software, make sure it is made for your Windows or Mac computer system. Each computer system requires specific files that are different from what the other uses, which makes it very important to use and purchase the correct software for your computer. If you attempt to install a Windows based program onto your Mac (or vice versa) you are going to run into all sorts of problems.

Once the software installation CD is in the computer, the Sonic Activation Module window loads onto the screen. When it does, do not exit out of it. Instead, you want to follow the prompts that are located right in the window. These small directions are going to lead you through the installation process and ensure the Sonic software is able to properly function on the computer. Although the overall steps may vary slightly, depending on the software you are using. However, once you proceed with the installation process, you are going to be asked where you want the software installed. It is best to leave this at the default settings. Changing the default settings can result in the program not installing correctly, which completely renders the software useless. Leave this setting as is, and also leave the installation name as the default setting. Again, changing these settings can often result in the program not installing correctly.

Once you have made it through the prompts, the software is going to install. Depending on what Sonic software title you are using, this may take a few minutes (it also depends on how fast your hard drive and CD drive is, but with most modern computer systems, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete). With the software now installed on the computer, you are able to proceed with the activation of the Sonic software.

After the installation, you are asked to activate and register the software with Sonic. You want to do this as it gives you updates and downloads as soon as the material is made available. If you don’t accept or proceed with the activation, you are going to miss valuable updates that improve the overall performance of the computer system.

When you register, you just need to input your name, location, and basic other contact information. You can opt in or out of receiving email updates regarding new products. This option is up to you. After it, just submit the content and your program is now registered. You can now close out the Sonic Activation Module and begin using the computer software.

IN Order to fix it You will need to use an alternative method in order to uninstall all remaining components.

Method One: Removing sonic activation module at startup using Windows installer :

  1. Install the Windows Installer Clean Up TOOL
  2. Click on the link following the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
  3. Scroll down and click Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Package Now (Download the cleanup utility package Thu Thu Windows Installer now). In the File Download window and displayed.
  4. Click Run.
  5. The window installation of Windows Installer Clean Up is displayed.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click to select the I Accept the Terms Mouse Thu Cont license agreement and click Next.
  8. Click Next.  The program and installed on the computer.
  9. Click Finish. The program is installed.
  10. Run the Windows Installer Clean Up Tool
Windows Installer Clean Up Tool

Windows Installer Clean Up Tool



Please refer to the software’s documentation for the recommended uninstall method. The Windows Installer Clean Up Tool Should only be used after all other uninstallation methods fail to remove the program’s components.

  1. Click Start, All Programs and hover over.
  2. Click Windows Install Clean Up to display the Windows Installer Clean Up window. (Figure 1)

    Click to select the program you want to remove, and click Remove. To select multiple programs, press and hold while you click to select the programs.

  3. Click Exit When all the programs you want Have Been removed .

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